Mold Removal Delmar, New York

Mold can often result from untreated or poorly treated water damage, rain water seeping in through a roof crack or simply damp coming up from the basement and ground floor structures. Other than being unsightly, mold poses a series of health concerns such as eye and skin irritation, respiratory problems and even asthma attacks.

Full Service Restoration offers a thorough disinfection of all materials and areas concerned, a subsequent drying of the affected areas and removal of any contaminated objects. We will also also conduct air purification and a final quality control to make sure your office space or your home are 100% mold-free.

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1. Comprehensive inspection and assessment of damage

2. Emergency tarping of damaged areas and/or board up

3. Professional water removal and drying if any water damage is present

4. Removal of personal belongings to secure off site storage for cleaning and deodorizing

5. Full reconstruction and restoration of your home or business

Restoration services for fire, water and storm damage. On call for emergencies.


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